Over the next week, we are conducting a quick survey of our avid or otherwise readers!

We want to know what you think about snail mail! Anything and everything!

Please send your responses to whatisartkdnc @ gmail . com by 5/28/2010 and we’ll post the responses on a blog we’re working on for next week!

Thanks – KL Project Team


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Another one!


How about this for a good Monday? Sure did love opening the PO Box yesterday to this one:


Most recently received (except for one junk mail bit of coupons): Front & Back of each to expose the signatures.

Went to the PO Box today…TWO MORE SUBMISSIONS!

-KL Project

We got another submission today, 4.12.10! Very different than the first – keep ’em coming! One thing I wanted to mention to everyone is that this postcard was made out of a cereal box! Way to go re-user! -KLP

Someone asked me today, as a favor to a friend, if we are still accepting submissions.

And of course, I replied, “Yes – the KL Project is an ongoing project.”

In other words, do not fret if you have been waiting for the perfect moment to send us your submission! The KL Project is ALWAYS accepting your submissions, AND it doesn’t have to be just anonymous – if you want to put your name on it, go for it. Like I said before, we will take anything you send us, as long as it fits on a 4×6 postcard. 🙂

So, keep all those submissions coming our way! We love ’em!

-KL Project Team

Today, 4.5.10, we received OUR FIRST SUBMISSION! Just wanted let everyone know that we are getting them, and we are excited! Here are the photos!

Welcome to the KL Project Web blog. We are currently in the process of moving all of our information from a different site. We promise that it shouldn’t take that long! For the time being, please visit our former site at: letartintoyourlife.blogger.com

Thanks and we look forward to your submissions!

-KL Project Team